Expand the Mind- Heal the Body- Tend to the Soul

Mae Fox

We create our world. Our thoughts are the power. Mae is an expert in expanding the mind- healing the body- and tending to the soul.

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An Empath's Guide to Peace

This 8 week course will move you from feeling over sensitive into being empowered. You will have a new perspective that will bring greater sense of peace and excitement. 

6 Steps to holding yourself together.

Finding stability in the middle of the Sh*t Storm. This course will teach you 6 ways to feel centered as you move through life's challenges. Each one will build on the next helping you build a solid foundation to stand on.

Resilience is the Key

5 lessons on resilience. The whats,whys, and how to integrate them into your life. Resilience is the key. 

Patterns create freedom or blocks.

Mae knows the power of mind. Her passion is creating shift in patterns that block your growth and joy. Her course all bring in healing and release. Great change happens and the power in you shines.

Balancing inside before we see it outside.

Everything starts from within... Mae helps to quickly release those areas of imbalance deep within you. Be guided in to healing. Change happens easily and effectively when we understand how to open to it.

Is something holding you back?

These courses are for you. Each one is a step toward the life you desire...and deserve. Sign up NOW.


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